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Roof Drain Foam Filter

  • The Roof Drain Foam Filter is an economical drainage solution for commercial buildings and other large structures with roof drains such as schools, warehouses and office buildings.
  • Made of durable, outdoor polyurethane foam that has been treated to prevent bacteria growth and withstand harsh UV rays while preventing debris from clogging commercial roof drains.
  • The innovative, affordable and porous design allows large volumes of water to flow through without obstruction, preventing leaks and structural damage that could occur from standing water.
  • Available in sizes from 3" - 8", Roof Drain Foam Filter is easily trimmed for a perfect fit in smaller drains. 
  • Roof Drain Foam Filter can be easily installed in minutes. It’s as simple as removing your current roof drain and placing your new foam filter into the drain with the flat side facing up.  
  • You can use Roof Drain Foam Filter with “BeeHive” drain strainers, by placing the strainer over the top of your new foam filter or you can completely replace the strainer without any reduction in efficiency.
  • In addition to commercial use, Roof Drain Foam Filter is a great way to keep drains and gutters clear when tearing off and replacing your roof or whenever a home maintenance project could get a little messy.



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