K-style gutters are the most popular gutter style with nearly 98% of homes using them. These kinds of statistics make it no big surprise that our 5” K-style gutter foam is the most popular size and style we make. K-style gutters are designed with a flat back and bottom with a decorative front that may resemble crown molding or the letter “K”. K-style gutters can also be referred to as an ogee style gutter, but the design and ability to use GutterStuff as a protector against leaves, dirt and debris is the same.  Designed to be durable and easy to use, GutterStuff’s patented flat-bottom gutter foam holds its shape and protects your gutters from dirt and debris while still allowing water through. Our gutter foam comes in a variety of widths to discretely fill your gutter which also prevents mosquitos from using your gutters as a personal breeding ground.

Installation is quick and simple, even for the less than handy homeowner, or if you’d prefer to stay away from ladders our certified dealer and installer network can quickly have your gutters ready for any inclement weather in the future. Our gutter foam is available in a variety of protective coatings to suit the needs of your home.