Half Round

Half-round gutters are the traditional gutter style for many, especially those with homes that were built before the advent of K-style gutters in the 1950’s. Half-round, also known as U-shaped, gutters date back to the early 1900’s and this traditional shape has lasted over one-hundred years due to its effectiveness.

Like every gutter, half-round gutters can get clogged by the collection of dirt, leaves and debris so we created a GutterStuff foam to fit and protect half-round gutters. Half-round GutterStuff is designed to hold its shape and fit securely in the gutter without impeding water flow and a variety of coating options are available to suit you and your home’s needs. GutterStuff not only prevents gutter blockage, it also provides a layer of defense to prevent insects and animals from making a home out of your gutters.

GutterStuff installation is fast, easy and can be completed without having to dismantle your current gutter system. There is also a wide network of GutterStuff certified dealers and installers that can provide the right amount of GutterStuff your house will need and then install it for you.