GutterStuff® - Downspout

No more clogged downspouts!  GutterStuff® - DownSpout is the easiest way to keep leaves and debris out of your downspout.  If you want to protect just your downspouts and not your entire gutter, then GutterStuff® - DownSpout is the best choice.  It is easy to install and no tools are required!  Just wedge GutterStuff® - DownSpout into your downspout and that is it.  GutterStuff® - DownSpout is made from the same high-quality polyether outdoor foam as GutterStuff® and is infused with a UV and germicide protectant to prevent bacteria growth in your downspout.  GutterStuff® - DownSpout measures 3" x 4" x 2.25".  6 per box. 

Protect the other end of your downspout as well with GutterStuff - Drain Tube



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