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Fascia - California Style Gutters

  • Popular in California and along the West Coast
  • Secured either to the timber fascia or can replace the timber fascia and be directly applied to the roof rafters.
  • Provide more customization options for homes and often have a high-fronted finish that conceals the edging of your roof.
  • Accommodate larger volumes of water than the more traditional K-Style and Half Round gutters. 
  • Fascia GutterStuff can be custom cut to fit, is easy to install and has a plethora of coating options to provide the ultimate gutter protection.
  • Easy to install and generally only needs minor trimming to fit around support brackets.
  • There is a network of GutterStuff certified dealers and installers if the idea of self-installation isn’t something you are comfortable with.
  • How much GutterStuff do you need?  Use our Gutter Measurement Service and find out exactly how much you need.



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