Fascia - California Style Gutters

The popularity of fascia style gutters has continued to increase, especially in California and the American West. Fascia gutters are secured either to the timber fascia or can replace the timber fascia and be directly applied to the roof rafters.

Fascia gutters provide more customization options for homes and often have a high-fronted finish that conceals the edging of your roof. The larger size of fascia gutters allows them to accommodate larger volumes of water than the more traditional K-Style and Half Round gutters.  Since fascia gutters are anchored directly to your home it becomes even more important to keep them free of clogs and backups. A clogged fascia gutter can become heavy and put undue stress on your home.

That is why we created the Fascia & Custom GutterStuff lineup. Our gutter foam provides invisible protection from the build-up of debris while the patented flat-bottom design maintains the shape and placement of the foam. Fascia GutterStuff can be custom cut to fit, is easy to install and has a plethora of coating options to provide the ultimate gutter protection.

Fascia gutter foam is custom created to fill your gutter completely. Custom GutterStuff is easy to install and generally only needs minor trimming to fit around support brackets. There is a network of GutterStuff certified dealers and installers if the idea of self-installation isn’t something you are comfortable with.