Understanding Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters are a functional home design feature that can be found on a lot of modern buildings. The gutters are installed directly in the fascia board alongside your home, making for a charmingly trimmed aesthetic that’s useful and practical. Fascia-style gutters are usually larger than k-style and half round gutters, making them especially popular in Western states, including California and Oregon. In California, larger homes have a lot of roof area, so when it rains the accumulated runoff can easily overflow more traditional gutter styles. The larger fascia gutter is more capable to handle the sudden rush of water...

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GutterStuff Works as an Excellent Scupper Filter

Recently, we were contacted by a customer who finally found an effective scupperprotection solution by using GutterStuff®. “It really isn’t necessary to make anything custom because it is so easy to cut the long pieces to fit anything. We hadn’t had any rain for a while but when it did rain the product worked very well.  It allowed my roof to drain faster and more completely than it has in the past.  I will know better what kind of maintenance it needs after a year or two. I have attached a picture that might be interesting to you.  The original water...

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6 Years Later... I just finished getting a new gutter installed and was anxious to see the condition of the old gutter once I removed the GutterStuff that I installed about 6 years ago.  I was amazed to see the gutter was still almost completely clean.  Never a clog with only a quick blow off once or so a year.  It's a great product. - Mike Best Gutter Protection I Found "Back in 2008, I had new gutters installed on my house.   My contractor had installed three different types of gutter covers because on the one side of my house...

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Gutter Covers Comparison Video – Best Gutter Guard Is GutterStuff

There are many different gutter guard systems available. Watch this video to see how GutterStuff is a great option because of the invisible appearance from the ground compared to the other systems. GutterStuff will help reduce your gutter cleaning, while saving time and money! Video courtesy of Planit DIY .

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How To Keep Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

We’ve seen that some people always have their minds in the gutter, and usually it is a situation that tends to only get worse before it gets better. Generally, the longer they wait to do something about it, the more they end up regretting it. Often what used to be pristine wood for solid mounting is now old, rotten and soft. Certain parts have begun to droop away and are in danger of falling off. Where there used to be smooth liquid flow has given way painful blockages and moments of intense overflow. Where these characteristics are allowed to progress further,...

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