Fix It Home Improvement Network Podcasts

The Fix It Home Improvement Crew has very informative podcasts, which they mention GutterStuff quite frequently to help with different issues around the home.  Here are a few of their podcasts.  Hope you learn a little on how to solve some common home issues and how GutterStuff can help. Soffit and Fascia Repair     Squirrel and Pest Control   Keep Pests Out of Your Home   Gutter Cleaning   Backup Sump Pumps

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What Happens When Your Gutters are Clogged?

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How to Repair a Leaky Gutter

  How to repair your gutters If you have leaky gutters, it is an easy DIY project.  Metal gutters can develop rust holes, and how large or small the holes are determines how it should be fixed.  A large hole requires a piece of galvanized metal flashing, but a small hole can be fixed using plastic roofing cement. Step 1: Regardless of the size of the hole, clean the gutter and scrub and rinse the area of the hole.    Use an abrasive pad and rinse and dry.  Step 2: Once the gutter is dry, plastic cement can be applied over...

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Drainage Maintenance

Drainage systems help protect the exterior of buildings. Drainage systems help move water away from a building’s exterior as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t have a chance to seep into any gaps or holes.  Depending on the type of roof the building has, the drainage system may include gutters and downspouts, interior drains and/or scuppers. Gutters and downspouts direct water on roofs away from buildings. This system protects both the building exterior and the foundation, keeping water from running off the roof straight down the side of the building to the foundation. Internal drains run water from the roof into...

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GutterStuff® EZ ranked #4

Ezvid Wiki has recently ranked our GutterStuff® EZ as the #4 gutter cover and top ranked gutter foam filter.  Their website gives buyers recommendations without any paid sponsorship.  They use countless hours of research to give buyers the best advice possible.  Check out their website:

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