Why GutterStuff Saves You Money

When it comes time to choose a gutter guard product, your first priority is keeping your gutters clean. However, another desire also ranks high on your list: affordability. GutterStuff doesn’t just keep debris out of your gutters – it also saves you money. Here’s how.

Low-Cost Alternative to Gutter Guards

Your first consideration should be the upfront cost. Gutter guards, covers and screens tend to come with a high purchase price. On the other hand, GutterStuff is yours for as little as $2 per foot. Browse our products to see for yourself!

Easy to Install

Labor costs and installation are some of the most expensive parts of buying a gutter guard system. Dealer-installed gutter guards are the most costly option. However, attempting to install gutter guards, covers or screens yourself could easily result in a trip to the hospital, which also comes with a high price tag.

GutterStuff is a simple product to install, making DIY installation an easy task. Simply slide the foam underneath the gutter spikes and push it snugly into place. If you prefer, you can cut the foam to fit around the spikes. Then, a pair of scissors is all you need to fashion custom lengths out of GutterStuff foam.

Eliminate the Cost of Professional Gutter Cleaning

The upfront cost of GutterStuff quickly pays for itself, even if you opt for certified installation, because it eliminates the need for professional gutter cleaning. Since these costs accumulate over the years, avoiding them results in substantial savings throughout the life of the product.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to check the condition of your GutterStuff filters every six months. If any stubborn debris is caught in the foam, you can remove it with a leaf blower or garden hose. Even if you choose to fire a handyman or service technician to perform this task for you, the labor costs are much lower than a full-fledged gutter cleaning.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Because gutter guards, covers and screens are independent of the gutter, they can become dislodged and disconnected over time. Ice and snow are a gutter guard’s worst enemies, since they can push the product aside and even change the dimensions of the material, resulting in a loss of position and ineffective performance. In less than two years, many homeowners replace or outright remove their gutter guards out of pure frustration.

GutterStuff is a long-lasting solution you can trust to stand the test of time. Depending on the specific product you install, expect to receive coverage from a three- to 25-year performance warranty. This gives you the peace of mind you need to trust GutterStuff year after year.

Are you ready to save money with GutterStuff while keeping your gutters flowing free and clear? If so, please contact us at 866-766-3442 and learn more about our foam gutter inserts today!

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