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Why GutterStuff is the Best Solution to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Since the invention of gutters, people have been climbing ladders and scooping out leaves and debris two, three or even four times per year. Since people have been cleaning their gutters, inventors have been looking for ways to prevent them from becoming clogged.

This has led to several “gutter guard” products, each of which intends to keep your gutters flowing smoothly with varying degrees of success. Consider the failings of gutter guards, covers and screens, as well as what makes GutterStuff the best solution for keeping your gutters clean.

Downfalls of Gutter Guards, Covers & Screens

While guards, covers and screens are usually quite good at keeping out full-size leaves, what they fail to do is stop small leaf fragments, twigs, pine needles, flower buds and other small debris from causing trouble. Either the particles bypass the slits or holes altogether, or they clog them and prevent water from flowing smoothly to the downspout.

As a result, you end up having a clogged-gutter problem just as before, so up the ladder you go. Only now, your gutters are covered with a guard, cover or screen that you must work around or remove to perform the cleaning. This makes the job that much more hazardous and time-consuming.

Even if you have a hinged screen or cover to make gutter access a bit easier, this still requires handling and manipulation. Besides, who sells a gutter guard with a hinge if they also promise you’ll never have to clean the gutters again?

Then, there’s the issue of longevity. Because gutter guards, covers and screens are independent of the gutter, they can become dislodged and disconnected over time, especially in response to ice and snow.

What Makes GutterStuff Foam Filters Different?

Unlike all other gutter guard systems, foam doesn’t sit on top of the gutter – it nestles snugly inside it. Water flows quickly through the non-absorbent foam, and a small gap at the bottom enhances drainage, so the gutters never overflow, even during a torrential downpour.

The top of the foam is level with the gutter, so debris stops here. Once rainstorms pass and the foam dries out, the debris blows away.

But don’t let salespeople pull the wool over your eyes! There’s no such thing as 100 percent maintenance-free gutters. If you install GutterStuff, be sure to check the condition of the foam filters every six months. Clear any stubborn debris caught in the foam with a leaf blower or garden hose. This sure beats spending hours scooping muck out of the gutter, doesn’t it?

It also helps that GutterStuff sits inside the gutter, so it effortlessly maintains its position. Even if the foam freezes, it quickly thaws again when the temperature increases. GutterStuff’s performance is not hindered by the freeze-thaw cycle. In fact, depending on the product you install, you’ll enjoy peace of mind from a 3 to 25-year performance warranty.

When you’re ready to benefit from the best solution for keeping your gutters clean, please contact us at 866-766-3442.

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