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Trim a Tree - Save a Gutter!

Trimming trees is never a fun activity but depending on the time of year, branches and twigs can damage your roof and gutters. You can easily climb up a ladder or even call the handy man who also cleans out your gutters to cut down longer branches.

With your roof, the branches can scratch the shingles and even fully remove them as well. The shingles can either blow away or even fall in to your gutters and clog them. Your gutters are also at risk since the twigs can get lodged in your down spouts and can create a back up with leaves and debris. This will cause the whole gutter to sag over time if the issue is not taken care of.

Cutting down the branches and twigs will help save the outside of your home or place of business. If a heavy branch falls, it could penetrate your roof or even take down a gutter system. This is also more cost effective to cut down the branches before it’s too late rather than fix a part of the roof or a damaged gutter.

As always, SAFETY FIRST!  Before you get out the chainsaw, contact your local handyman or tree service to make sure your tree branches are clear from wires or other possible dangers.

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