GutterStuff’s Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters for Fall

No one likes cleaning gutters, but it is a necessary part of home ownership. Gutters are vital to the safety of your home and are not something you want to neglect. We got so fed up with cleaning gutters that we invented the GutterStuff product line, which reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning gutters. If you haven’t installed a GutterStuff product in your home, you should probably start thinking about cleaning your gutters before winter arrives.

Why is it a big deal if your gutters get clogged? Gutters are there for a reason. When your gutters get clogged, water no longer flows in such a way that it moves away from your home. Instead, water will run down your walls, across your roof, and pool in places you do not want water pooling. If left untreated, this improperly channeled water can damage your roof, cause water to get inside your walls, or even damage your foundation.

Without further ado, here is our guide on how to clean your gutters for fall.

The first step to cleaning a gutter is to understand why gutters clog in the first place. As you would expect, gutters get clogged when debris flows into your gutter and gets stuck. Over time, the debris (usually leaves, twigs, pollen, petals, dirt, and bugs) will decompose, causing a greater buildup and constricting the flow of water. Eventually, even the downspout will clog.

This is where GutterStuff comes in. Our innovative product creates a filter that keeps the solid waste from going down into your gutter to decompose and cause havoc, while at the same time it allows the water to continue moving. Because of this hardy filter, you do not need to clean your gutters nearly as often. In fact, you only need light maintenance about once every six months!

But if you do not have gutter stuff, then it’s time to clean! To start, you will need to get up to your gutters, so have a stable ladder ready. You will also want some work gloves, a bucket, a trowel, a garden hose with a spray nozzle, and possibly a few other tools depending on the amount of clogging.

Move a ladder to the gutter and carefully get up there. Hook your bucket onto the ladder, and either using your hands or a trowel, remove the large debris from the gutter. Put that debris into the bucket and dispose of the waste as the bucket is filled. Work your way toward the downspout. If the downspout is clogged, you may turn to a plumber’s snake to remove clogs. After removing the large pieces of debris and clearing the downspout, use the hose and spray the dirt towards the spout. If the water still doesn’t drain down the spout, start working from the bottom and move your way up.

Alternatively, you could always purchase a GutterStuff product and save yourself time and energy!

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