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"Easy to install and working perfectly!"

Satisfied Customer via
August 30, 2021

A Fantastic Product!

"It's a fantastic product, I will purchase again and will recommend to friends."

- Bob via
July 20, 2021

Exceeded all of its claims!

"It met and exceeded all of its claims."

- Bob via
July 20, 2021

Really Works!

Easy installation. Any trimming needed is easily done with scissors. Really works to keep leaves and twigs from blocking the gutters."

- Satisfied Customer via
July 8, 2021

Easy and Affordable!

Easy for the homeowner to install themselves and much more affordable!

- Satisfied Customer via
June 11, 2021

You won't go wrong!

It's in place and I believe I picked the right way to go. It saves money and gets the job done. With reasonable cost, you won't go wrong. 

- Satisfied Customer via
May 17, 2021

A Lifesaver!

I used to have to clean my garage gutters 4 times per year because of the neighbor's trees. After washing out the gutters and putting these in, maybe 10 years ago, I haven't needed to touch them. These are AWESOME and the older I get, the more I appreciate them! 

- Satisfied Customer via
May 6, 2021

I'm 77 and installing is something I can do by myself!

I'm 77 years old and installing them is something I can do by myself. I have had similar in other gutters and they eliminate leaves clogging them. 

- Satisfied Customer via
April 9, 2021

Easy to Install and They Work Great!

Easy to install and they work great! We tried the product last fall and were satisfied with the results. 

- Satisfied Customer via
April 5, 2021

Worked Perfectly for Unconventional Use!

I was looking for some way to keep birds out of the channels in my carport and nothing would work. I needed something that I could get into a tight place but still allow water to flow and these worked perfectly. They don't look bad either. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

- Satisfied Customer via
March 11, 2021

Way Cheaper than LeafFilter!

"These work pretty well, are easy to install, and are WAY cheaper than 'LeafFilter'."
- Satisfied Customer via Home
February 17, 2021

I Highly Recommend!

"I've added the gutter guards one gutter run at a time as I could afford. They are fantastic to keep out the tiniest leaf, dirt, twigs but let the rain filter through. I highly recommend!"
- Lisa via
January 29, 2021

Very Easy to Install!

Very easy to install. Very effective in keeping out debris and allowing water to flow freely down the gutter and into the downspout.
-Satisfied Customer via
January 19, 2021

No Tools Needed!

Just got these. Extremely easy to install. No tools needed! Had our first rain and no issues. Looking forward to no longer having to clean out gutters anymore!!!

-Satisfied Customer via

December 17,2020

It Works!

I installed Gutter Stuff on my parents home about ten years ago and it's a great product. Their home has both pine and oak trees close to the house. Gutter Stuff is still keeping the gutters clog free, only water passes through pine straw leaves and other debris simply blow to the ground. I installed Gutter Stuff for many others since then and have never had a complaint. as long as your gutters are installed properly with the correct angles for water flow I see no reason why this product wouldn't work for anyone, it is very easy to install and can be cut to length with a utility knife no special tools required.
- Satisfied Customer via
October 25, 2020

Withstood Hurricane Sally!

Love these Gutterguards. Stopped my blockages and withstood Hurricane Sally when it hit Pensacola three weeks ago.

- Glenn G.

October 6, 2020

This Gutter Guard is the Best!

This gutter guard is the best!  We have tried others but the GutterStuff stays in 100% of the time.  We have installed this in the gutters at our business, lake houses and home.  Definitely worth the time and money!

- WalMartCustomer

August 24, 2020

Very Easy to Handle...Pine Needles Gone!

GutterStuff was very easy to handle, cut when I got to the corners, but very durable/tough.  Perfect timing for hurricane season.  The pine needles and leaves that used to pile up in the gutters are now just sitting on top and occasionally blown off by the wind or breeze. Otherwise, I just get my blower and from the ground, just point towards the gutters and all the leaves/needles are gone. Too easy!

- HomeDepotCustomer

August 1, 2020

11 Years and Running!

[Purchased] Replacement for the original gutter foam installed 11 years ago. Could have cleaned foam and used again as they were still like new, however decided to replace instead.  Had to clean gutters but never had any plugging problems.

- HomeDepotCustomer

6 Years Later...

I just finished getting a new gutter installed and was anxious to see the condition of the old gutter once I removed the GutterStuff that I installed about 6 years ago.  I was amazed to see the gutter was still almost completely clean.  Never a clog with only a quick blow off once or so a year.  It's a great product.

- Mike

clean gutter

Best Gutter Protection I Found

"Back in 2008, I had new gutters installed on my house.   My contractor had installed three different types of gutter covers because on the one side of my house I have 4 pine trees which drop their needles constantly clogging my gutters. Due to the fact that I have a metal roof and the rain flows off too fast, none of the three different types of gutter covers worked.  I had to do something.  I had seen an ad on TV for GUTTER STUFF and thought I would give it a try.  (By this time, I was desperate).  I ordered the GUTTER STUFF and had it installed, which is very easy to do.  Just insert each 4 ft. piece of foam into the gutter and under the bracket that holds the gutter on the roof and you are done.  Since I had my GUTTER STUFF installed, I have never had to do anything with my gutters. The pine needles stick in the foam and then blow away when the wind blows.  My gutters have never clogged since.  I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we get 300” of snow and GUTTER STUFF has endured all types of weather and is still working well.  The foam has not deteriorated or lost any of its efficiency.  This was much cheaper than the covers and worked much better."

- Sharon W.

Finally after 37 years of trying poorly fitting and operating gutter protectors I got myself a winner.

"You’re product is awesome!
Tested it on my lower gutters last fall and was astounded with their effectiveness. Just completed my upper story of my house.
No more cleaning gutters!!
Finally after 37 years of trying poorly fitting and operating gutter protectors I got myself a winner.
Whoever thought of this product should get a medal.
Thank you!"
- Dennis K.

GutterStuff Keeps the Maple Tree Debris Out with Ease

“I have GutterStuff installed on ALL my gutters and never have to clean them even with my big maple trees dropping seeds all spring/summer and leaves in the fall. What a great product! Although, I do install them a little differently than your directions indicate – I’m getting great results – and I have tested many products over the years.”

Dennis L. – Michigan

Hood’s Do-It Best Gives GutterStuff a Shout Out

“After contemplating for over a year, Hood’s now carries your GutterStuff product!  The product was special ordered for a customer who then recommended we carry it in store due to the functionality and ease of installation.

Hood’s would like to thank you for your reliable, quick shipping and extraordinary customer service.  Your product is a great value to the gutter market!”

John C. – Hood’s Do-it Best #1107

Hood's Do-It Best Sign

Love Easy

"I have used Gutter Stuff previously, and love the ease of installation and functionality."

Barry H. – Pennsylvania

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