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How to Remove Snow from Your Roof


Removing snow from your roof during the winter is an important task to protect your roof and home investment.  When snow builds up, it can weaken your roof, damage the gutter system, or cause ice dams. But snow removal can be a daunting and dangerous task.  Here are a few tips to help keep your roof protected during these snowy months!

 1. Unless you are a professional, DO NOT attempt to go on your roof to remove the snow. 

2. The most effective DIY method of removing snow is a snow rake.  With a long, adjustable pole, you will be able to reach high on your roof and pull down the piled-up snow.

3. Use plastic instead of metal.  Metal shovels or rakes can damage the surface of your roof. 

4. Leave a few inches of snow on your roof to help prevent roof damage.

5. Watch out for icicles hanging from the side of your house.  As snows falls off the roof, these can detach and be very dangerous. 

6. Focus on removing snow drifts first and work down to the eaves.

Snow rakes are a great tool to use for DIY snow removal, but typically used for areas with eaves or major snow build-up.  For larger scale snow removal, consult a professional. 

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