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How To Keep Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

We’ve seen that some people always have their minds in the gutter, and usually it is a situation that tends to only get worse before it gets better. Generally, the longer they wait to do something about it, the more they end up regretting it. Often what used to be pristine wood for solid mounting is now old, rotten and soft. Certain parts have begun to droop away and are in danger of falling off. Where there used to be smooth liquid flow has given way painful blockages and moments of intense overflow. Where these characteristics are allowed to progress further, there is often unwanted additional collateral damage due to vermin infestations and even nesting and spawning of small furry animals.

The more you try to think less often about it all, the more you are forced to think about it. It’s like trying to stop thinking about paying taxes by ignoring all you tax-related duties, mail, and phone calls. You end up spending so much effort on trying to block it out that you only sink it in deeper and keep it at the forefront of your thoughts. Let’s face it, when your mind is stuck in the gutter, it’s really stuck in the gutter. And eventually it will catch up with you.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve all had our minds in the gutter at some point or another, and there is hope for even the worst of us! Of course, the best way to get your mind out of the gutter is to deal with it head-on.

We know all too common are dilemmas such as clogged downspouts, gutters falling off, rotting fascia, holes in the edges of the roof, squirrels and birds nesting in the roof, improper pitching for drainage, and damage due to the weight of snow and ice. We’ve seen those drooping sections of gutter fill with rain and fill with rain until they release one big water dump over the edge of the gutter, at which point they begin filling again. We’ve witnessed downspouts clogged so badly on gutters with no or little pitching, that the entire length of the gutter fills with water and slowly leaks it out over the sides – usually along the inside edge of the roof, not the outside.

Therefore, if your gutter system is in need of repair, by all means repair it. The right time is now before every squirrel and bird in town decides to move into your house, the inevitable result of a failing rain gutter system.

Once you are done fixing things up properly so water runs through your gutter and out the downspout properly instead of accumulating in the gutter, or if that’s already how well your gutters work, then consider filling them with GutterStuff PRO foam filters.

They can be self-installed in minutes saving you thousands of dollars in installation costs (vs. gutter top products), and you don’t need to remove or change anything to get them into the gutters – they jut get stuffed in under the support brackets. Once GutterStuff PRO is installed, you’ll find it very convenient that you’ll never be pulling clumps of leaves out of your gutter again.

In fact, most people who install GutterStuff PRO find gutter cleaning eventually becomes a distant memory, so much so that their mind never goes back into the gutter again! Buy GutterStuff PRO today, and keep your mind out of the gutter forever!

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