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How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Debris can wreak havoc on your home’s gutters, so knowing how to keep them clean is quite important.

You may think a few leaves here and there aren’t a big deal, but too much debris can cause your gutters to leak or overflow among other problems. Dirty gutters also attract pests and rodents as well as mold and algae. Neglecting your gutters can end up costing you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars over time.

  • Cleaning Your Gutters – How often you clean your gutters depends on a number of factors including your geographic location and the amount of trees in your yard. A good rule of thumb is to clean your gutters out each spring and fall. It’s recommended that you have a professional clean your gutters, but it is possible to do it yourself. Carefully remove all leaves and other debris and you’ll probably want to wear gloves.
  • Trimming Trees – Tall trees near your gutters are pathways for pests. They also mean you’ll have lots of leaves in your gutters. Avoid planting new trees near your gutters. For those trees that are already located nearby, be sure to trim the branches and limbs that overhang your gutters. This is another job you can do yourself or opt to let a professional handle.
  • Have Gutter Covers Installed – A gutter cover means less debris which means you won’t have to clean and maintain your gutters as often. A gutter cover can reduce the amount of debris in your gutters by about 80%. GutterStuff foam inserts allow water to flow through your gutters seamlessly while keeping out debris. The original foam filter insert is invisible, effective, and affordable. It’s available for all of the most common types of gutters and will keep them clean and free of debris.
  • Try Gutter Exclusion – This is a preventative method where any forms of intrusion for pests is addressed and blocked off beforehand. Preventative work is always the best solution and professionals are recommended as it is hard to find all areas where pests and debris may be able to get in to your home.

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