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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Gutter

There are plenty of things that can get caught up in your gutters including leaves and twigs. One other thing that can clog up your gutters is common pests. These pests can cause problems for your gutters including overflow, obstructions, and trough warping.

Because pests carry diseases, they are actually one of the worst hazards to your gutters. Pests can cause damage to the exterior of your home and can also create lots of unwanted noise. Keep reading to learn more about the types of pests in your gutters, how they affect them, and how to protect your gutter system.

Pests of all sizes are attracted to gutters. One of the worst times of the year is the summer or dry season. Common pests that may infest your gutters include ants, birds, cockroaches, rodents including roof rats, squirrels, small snakes, and wasps. Gutters that are dirty can also cause unwanted organisms to grow which include algae and mold.

Pests often cause obstructions in gutters. Larger obstructions like birds’ nests can clog a gutter trough completely and cause an overflow. Other common problems caused by pests include:

  • Corrosion – Certain pest products like bird droppings are highly acidic and can eat through your gutters, causing them to leak.
  • Interior Infestations – Your gutter system is on the outside of your home, but an infestation allows pests to access your top floor or attic. They can then begin to enter through vents, windows, or chimneys.
  • Damage to Roof and Siding – Insects can crawl under roofing materials and eat away at them which increases your risk of leaks. Nests can also cause gutter overflow and cause water damage to siding.

These are just a few of the more common problems pests can cause in gutters. To protect your gutter systems from pests, you’ll want to improve the pest control in your yard. You can trim back your trees so pests can’t use them to access your gutters. You can also install a gutter inserts so pests can’t access your gutters. To learn more contact GutterStuff at 866-766-3442.

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