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GutterStuff Works as an Excellent Scupper Filter

Recently, we were contacted by a customer who finally found an effective scupper protection solution by using GutterStuff®.

Scupper Image

“It really isn’t necessary to make anything custom because it is so easy to cut the long pieces to fit anything. We hadn’t had any rain for a while but when it did rain the product worked very well.  It allowed my roof to drain faster and more completely than it has in the past.  I will know better what kind of maintenance it needs after a year or two.

I have attached a picture that might be interesting to you.  The original water line was at the dark area.  Within about 5 minutes after I cleared the area at the drain and I put the piece of GutterStuff in place, it drained down to what is shown in the picture.  It started raining again so I got off the roof.  After a half hour or so, and the rain stopped, I looked out and saw the entire puddle of water was gone.  It had all passed thru the GutterStuff.  We had a couple of rains in two weeks after that and I checked the gutters and heard water flowing thru them.  I am very impressed by the product.  It’s just what I have been looking for.”

Myron – Colorado

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