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Celebrate Malaika

Malaika Event

Malaika Early Learning Center is a state-of-the-art learning facility dedicated to helping young children of Milwaukee.  Since 2003, they have helped over 600 children from some of the poorest neighborhoods in Milwaukee develop the skills to be successful in school.  Malaika was founded on the basis that investing in the development of a child’s education and life skills at an early age can benefit society by improving graduation rates, lowering dependence on welfare programs and many other benefits. 

Julie and I recently attended Celebrate Malaika, which is a great fundraising event for this program.  I am pictured here with Adrian, a graduate of Malaika, who will be attending college next fall.  TJM Innovations respects and supports Malaika and our community. In conjunction with our mission, we are donating 10% of November web sales to Malaika.  We hope that you join us and help support this great program.  Visit to help support.

For more details on Malaika:

Celebrate Malaika

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