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15 Creative Uses for Your Old Gutters

There is no question that GutterStuff® filters will keep your gutters in great working condition year after year, but what can you do with the unwanted sections when the time comes for replacement? Don't toss them! Here are 15 creative ways to repurpose your used gutters.  Paint them, hang them, fill them with ice cream!

1. Garden Planters


Liven up your garden with a splash of color. Hang them on a fence, deck or under a window!


2. Bookshelves for Kid's Room

Repurposed Gutters Kids Room

These old K-Style gutters make perfect book displays when attached to the wall.  Install at a low level for little book lovers!


3. Spray Paint Holder

spray paint can holder repurposed gutters

Need to organize the garage? Paint spray cans fit perfectly in these old gutter sections.


4. Flower Window Box

flower box repurposed gutters

Paint the gutters black for a classic flower-box look. 


5. Craft Organization

craft organization repurposed gutters

Keep your craft room under control with these DIY ribbon shelves made from Half Round gutter sections.

(source: via

6. Water Fun for Kids

kids play area repurposed gutters

There are countless ways to configure old gutters to make water and sensory activities for the kids. 


7. Outdoor Ice Chest

beverage cooler ice chest repurposed gutters

Chill out with a custom ice chest that can fit just about anywhere!

(source: the

8. Under Desk - Wire Organization

wire organizer repurposed gutters

Are your computer wires a tangled mess? Mine too. Get them off the ground and secured with this creative solution. 


9. Get Creative with Garden Decor

garden decoration repurposed gutters

Get whimsical with plants and unique decor.


10. Cleaning Supplies Organization

cleaning supply storage repurposed gutters

Perfect for cleaning supplies. Cut the pieces of gutter into smaller sections and fit inside cabinets, under the sink or on closet doors.


11. Patio Surround

stone ground trim repurposed gutters

Fill with stones to line a patio or walkway. 


12. Six Foot Long Ice Cream Sundae!

 6 foot long dessert repurposed gutters

This is not a trick! This six foot section of gutter was filled with the longest ice cream sundae that we've ever seen.  Get out your spoons!


13. Garden Sculpture

garden sculpture repurposed gutters

Create a one-of-a-kind art sculpture using these unlikely supplies. 

(source: cooldiyideas)

14. Shoe Organization 

shoe holder repurposed gutters

You can never have too many shoe shelves (or gutters).


15. Hanging Plants

hanging plant repurposed gutters

We're loving this industrial style hanging plant, made with an aluminum gutter and metal chains. 




When it comes to repurposing your used gutters, the possibilities are endless! To keep your current gutters in great working condition, use GutterStuff ®, the Original Foam Filter!

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